Another Dog Bite Victim

Dog Bite Victim

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ – A 2-year-old girl was taken to the hospital Wednesday after she was bitten by her family’s dog at their San Tan Valley home.

A Rural Metro Fire Department spokesman said crews responded to the home near Bella Vista Road and Hunt Highway around 2 p.m.

The girl was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Pinal County spokesman Joe Pyritz told ABC15 the Golden Retriever-Chow mix was removed from the home by animal control officers who will keep the dog for 10 days, which is standard procedure in these types of situations.

It goes right along to show you can never be too careful, some animals are just that and absolute animals. Even the familys pet could be playing fetch one minute and rabid the next. Not a single person could of seen this coming. Now dont get me wrong there could be so many other factors here that I am just not seeing yet but I honestly doubt. I am seeing a suburban white home kids are probably in private schools and you know damn well that dog went to obidience school.

Where is the outrage, where is the crying and signs being waved in protest? they are no whee to be found. lets just sit in silence as usual.

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Events that brought $563,000 for New Jersey Based Nigerian Security Guard

It was a calm usual morning of July that went “as usual” for many but turned out to be a life changer for 43 years old security guard, Samuel Akinsanya. At around 0530 Hours he left his office and heard yapping in the hallway. Two dogs including a Pit Bull and a Rottweiler had escaped from their cage in a factory where he discharged his duties as a security guard overnight. Before he could react, the dogs attacked him.  The good news is that the victim`s case was handled professionally by his dog bite attorneys and they managed to brought substantial relief for their client. In many cases loosing a dog bite lawsuit becomes inevitable as it happened in my case.

Samuel`s 60 Minutes for His Life

According to the victim’s account of events, the dogs jumped at him while he was trying to fight. He tried to defend himself but the aggressive dogs bit him across his body. Horrendously – it took around an hour before the police came and rescued him. The attack was so nasty and cruel that left Samuel in a state like a coma. He spent 10 days in a hospital bed, intubated and unresponsive. There were wounds almost all over his body and he suffered muscle damage. This incident left permanent scarring on his skin. As far as the attacking dogs are concerned, the pit bull choked to death and the other was returned to its owner.

Samuel Hired Dog Bite Attorneys and Was Awarded $563,000 in Damages

After regaining his consciousness and nerves, Samuel understandably sued the owner of two dogs and buildings property owner as well. A team of professional dog bite attorneys represented his case and was awarded $563,000 in damages, which according to the victim’s attorney is one of the highest dog bite related settlements witnessed ever in New Jersey. In fact, the laws governing dog bite injuries and accidents are getting more favorable to victims. “Dogs are totally unpredictable and the owners should be held responsible for whatever happens” – a senior dog bite attorney commented.

Dog Owner & the Property Owner Both Were Charged

In this case, both the owner of the dogs and the building`s owner both were found liable for 85% and 15% of the damages respectively. Thus, it is a unique case in several aspects. According to the law, in New Jersey, a property owner can be apprehended if he or she fails to indicate those inside the premises about the presence of dangerous dogs. Today in the majority of states, a dog owner is liable for compensations and damages caused by a dog bite victim whether the dog has ever exhibited a tendency to bite or not.
For Samuel, who was attacked the settlement brought by his dog bite attorneys helped him pay for his medical expenditures and to support his family members back in Nigeria. He remained out of work for more than six months.

Unfortunate legalities

Remember these basic legal points while filing a lawsuit  being a dog-biting victim. A victim must prove that;
• The defendant is the legal owner and responsible for the dog involved
• The dog attacked the victim and it happened in a public place
• Incident happened when he or she was lawfully inside the defendant`s property
• He or she did not provoke the dog

It is is good to know that dog bite attorneys come with a sound knowledge across laws and regulations related to such incidents. Thus, a victim should always proceed under the cover of legal professionals. After all you cannot consider loosing a dog bite lawsuit as it could bring great financial losses and disgrace.

The story of $500,000 settlement for Jeannette Cunningham

More I read about Jeannette Cunningham`s case fills me with more anger and desperation. In my view, she is one of the luckiest persons among us as she is still alive, she survived that pit bull attack at large suffered from minor injuries only. However, credit goes to his legal aides – who managed to fetch a giant 0.5 Million USD settlement for her. Alas! In my case, it would have been something around a million dollar at least. This story have great lessons for dog bite attorneys, dog owners and dog training professionals.

It was a normal walk that spun Jeanette`s entire life!

According to the details, Jeannette Cunningham was out on a public street where she was attacked by a wandering pit bull dog. As it happens in most cases, it was an unprovoked attacked – she encountered a violent aggressive dog in a way as it happened in my case. Jeannette is lucky as she found immediate medical help and ended up in a nearly located trauma center. Later, she decided to seek legal assistance and hired a dog bite lawyer. This is something I did too but I was not as lucky as this woman was. Nothing  indicated that the subject dog was ever enrolled by its owners in any dog training program

Investigations revealed that the dog involved is a “Frequent Flyer”

During the investigation, it is established that the subject dog somehow managed to escape the fenced yard while its owners were away. Not only is this but the involved “pit bull” had a history of aggressive behavior and had done it twice before the day when it attacked Jeannette Cunningham. People should understand that they can avoid such incidents by capitalizing on the dog training resources available.

Jeannette`s Dog Bite Attorney Was a True Professional

A dog bite attorney Chris David represented Jeannette and filed a lawsuit on her behalf against the owners of the above-mentioned “pit bull”. We all know how the insurance companies try to bully for the sake of their own interests. In this case, as well – the attorneys representing dog owners property owners liability insurance claimed that the victim (Jeannette Cunningham) was responsible too for whatever happened to her.

Unlike Me, It all ended up with a wonderful “Gain” for Jeannette

However, attorney Chris David arguments and visions knocked them out and they were left with no other option, but to acknowledge their own liability for injuries sustained by the victim. Hence the two parties successfully negotiated a 0.5 Million USD settlement well ahead of the scheduled jury trial. Later the victim’s attorney also won a settlement for the extensive medical expenses should endure in the following years.

Moral of the Story!

  • Not all dog bite attorneys are alike ( the one I hired acted like kid and failed in bringing any relief)
  • Dog owners should think about investing a few bucks on dog training – so to avoid such incidents and undue financial losses


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