More I read about Jeannette Cunningham`s case fills me with more anger and desperation. In my view, she is one of the luckiest persons among us as she is still alive, she survived that pit bull attack at large suffered from minor injuries only. However, credit goes to his legal aides – who managed to fetch a giant 0.5 Million USD settlement for her. Alas! In my case, it would have been something around a million dollar at least. This story have great lessons for dog bite attorneys, dog owners and dog training professionals.

It was a normal walk that spun Jeanette`s entire life!

According to the details, Jeannette Cunningham was out on a public street where she was attacked by a wandering pit bull dog. As it happens in most cases, it was an unprovoked attacked – she encountered a violent aggressive dog in a way as it happened in my case. Jeannette is lucky as she found immediate medical help and ended up in a nearly located trauma center. Later, she decided to seek legal assistance and hired a dog bite lawyer. This is something I did too but I was not as lucky as this woman was. Nothing  indicated that the subject dog was ever enrolled by its owners in any dog training program

Investigations revealed that the dog involved is a “Frequent Flyer”

During the investigation, it is established that the subject dog somehow managed to escape the fenced yard while its owners were away. Not only is this but the involved “pit bull” had a history of aggressive behavior and had done it twice before the day when it attacked Jeannette Cunningham. People should understand that they can avoid such incidents by capitalizing on the dog training resources available.

Jeannette`s Dog Bite Attorney Was a True Professional

A dog bite attorney Chris David represented Jeannette and filed a lawsuit on her behalf against the owners of the above-mentioned “pit bull”. We all know how the insurance companies try to bully for the sake of their own interests. In this case, as well – the attorneys representing dog owners property owners liability insurance claimed that the victim (Jeannette Cunningham) was responsible too for whatever happened to her.

Unlike Me, It all ended up with a wonderful “Gain” for Jeannette

However, attorney Chris David arguments and visions knocked them out and they were left with no other option, but to acknowledge their own liability for injuries sustained by the victim. Hence the two parties successfully negotiated a 0.5 Million USD settlement well ahead of the scheduled jury trial. Later the victim’s attorney also won a settlement for the extensive medical expenses should endure in the following years.

Moral of the Story!

  • Not all dog bite attorneys are alike ( the one I hired acted like kid and failed in bringing any relief)
  • Dog owners should think about investing a few bucks on dog training – so to avoid such incidents and undue financial losses


Watch this detailed report on this particular incident by fox news!




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