Hello everyone and welcome onboard!

This blog and in fact a lot of things in my life started with a sad incident that changed my life forever. I was not an expressive person however and that is why I like it when my friends call me “Accidental Activist”.

A few years back I got attacked by a violent dog at a public place but was not lucky enough as there was no one in the surroundings to standby with me as a witness. The owner of the dog who attacked me flew from the scene and that day I actually got what does it mean to have a “cold heart”. Do not really know who noticed lying there and called the emergency service.

Later, after recollecting myself I decided to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog who attacked me. Everything was like crystal clear and in light of the precedents I was too sure that I will be offered at least a Million USD coverage in terms of damages. However – it never happened.

Call it my bad luck or whatever – the dog bite attorney I hired was a complete nerd. He failed in protecting my rights, he failed in representing my case appropriately, he failed in negotiating a deal for me. I am not sure but at a stage, his conduct started me haunting. It was his incompetence that I lost the lawsuit and thus incurred massive financial losses.

Today, I have nothing much to do. Entire of my life is revolving around two things which are blogging and smoking. I have decided to maintain this blog and to make it an excellent source of information for all those who are facing the kind of circumstances once faced by me.

I am not against dogs not against dog bite attorneys. But yes! I am against a certain class of so-called professional lawyers who are operating for the sake of their own interest. They do not have to do anything with the professionalism. They can understand only one language and that is the language of money. They don’t have any emotions for others.

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